Use the MyEnvera web portal to create a profile and add/remove permanent and temporary guests

Follow videos for tutorials on how to use the new portal on home computer and smartphone




For any questions or assistance call Envera customer service at 877-936-8372

Envera Frequently Asked Questions


Q  Will residents have to produce their driver’s license to get in?
A   No, the resident lane will stay the same.


Will residents have to do anything differently to get into the community after Feb 8th?
A   No, nothing will change if you have a resident barcode sticker on your vehicle.


When does the current system stop working?
A   The switchover to the Envera system happens on Feb 8th and the current system will no longer function after
that date. To be clear, the last day the old system will work will be Feb 7th
Will my current permanent guest list be automatically moved to the new system?
A   No, you must use the information in the Envera letter to create a new permanent guest list for Envera to use.


Can a friend/neighbor/relative/caretaker deal with Envera on my behalf?
A   Yes, but as a formality, you must list them on your permanent guest list.


Is there a limit to the number of permanent visitors I can have?
A   No


Will my Cypress Lakes barcode sticker continue to get me through the resident gate?
A   Yes, that process will not change.


What happens if a resident is in a rental car/Uber/friend’s car?
A   They will use the visitor lane and the resident will insert their license in the kiosk.


Are any other types of ID accepted?
A   Yes, anyone can use a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport to verify their identity.


What is the phone number to add a visitor?
A   Call Envera customer service at 877-936-8372


If I never got/misplaced/threw away my Envera letter, is there a way to get a copy?
A   Yes, the office has a copy of all of the letters, contact the office to get a copy.


What happens if the gates malfunction and or the system can’t read my bar code and I’m stuck in front of the
first gate or between the gate arms?
A   You will call the Envera customer support number and give them your PIN so they can open the gate. There will
be a sign with the Envera customer support number on the resident side of the entrance.


What happens if I don’t attend one of the three assistance sessions to get my permanent guests entered into
the Envera system?
A   You will have to either use the web portal on your computer, the mobile app, or call Envera customer service at 877-936-8372.


What if I get a rental car for an extended period of time?
A   You can get a temporary bar code by stopping by the office with your rental agreement.


If I have a one-time or recurring guest, do I have to make them a permanent visitor?
A   No, there is an option to make them a temporary visitor and allow access only on certain days/times.

Permanent Guest List


In the event of an emergency, no one will be allowed access to the community or your home (not even your children or other family members) unless they are on your permanent guest list. The employees in the office and the gate guards do not have any authority what-so-ever to admit people into the community without resident approval. If you have given an individual Power-of-Attorney it may also be a good idea to place the individual on the permanent guest list.